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Tummy Tuck? 17 Moves to Tighten Any Tummy

Flatten Your TummyYes, a Tummy Tuck can flatten your tummy and make that extra skin disappear, but overall health and fitness is important for best results. Read 17 Moves to Tighten Any Tummy by skinnymom.com to learn more.

Here are the basic steps outlined in the article:

  1. Plank Tuck Twist
  2. Plank Lunge and Jump
  3. V Slide
  4. Kettlebell Windmill
  5. Boat Crunch
  6. Three-Legged Dog to Knee Tuck
  7. Front Kicks
  8. Gliding Burpee
  9. Fast Taps on BOSU
  10. Pilates Sit-Up
  11. Turkish Get Up
  12. Genie Abs
  13. Hand Release Pushup
  14. Starfish Abs
  15. Toe Touches
  16. Stability Ball V Pass
  17. Crab Twist
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