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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Most of us look in the mirror and find something we want to change about our appearance. For many women, it is our breasts. We want them larger, perkier, symmetrical or firmer. Dr. Helena Guarda uses the latest cosmetic breast augmentation surgery techniques to help your figure fit your unique personality and lifestyle. Whether you’re into yoga or running, taking control of the “C suite,” managing a family or simply want your clothes to fit better. Dr. Guarda and her professional staff at Plastic Surgery Specialists of Virginia  will help you determine the ideal breast enhancement options to fit your image and daily life.

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Breast Enhancement or  Breast Augmentation is used to enlarge or reshape your breasts. Dr. Guarda surgically places breast implants to:

  • Increase breast fullness and projection, and / or
  • Improve symmetry.


A breast lift is sometimes performed at the same time as a breast augmentation to improve the fullness, position and shape of sagging breasts. Many of us hear the ads for breast enhancement creams, pills and exercises – but they do not work. The only proven way to enhance your breast shape and size is through breast augmentation surgery.


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Who usually chooses breast augmentation surgery?

Women of any age can benefit from breast augmentation to enhance small breast size or restore fullness. Dr. Guarda recommends that breasts be fully developed before breast enhancement. As a result, the procedure is ideal for women in their childbearing years, since it does not typically interfere with the ability to breastfeed. Breast enhancement / augmentation is most often used to:

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How do I know if Breast Augmentation might be right for me?

Breast augmentation is a highly individualized procedure that affects your daily life. The most important key to determining if it is right for you is your personal motivation. It is therefore important that it is your choice to fulfill your own desire for enhanced breast size, not the desire of others. Call 757-483-6550 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Guarda to learn how breast augmentation can enhance your appearance.

What should I expect at the consultation?

At your first consultation with Dr. Guarda, she will evaluate you and learn what you want to achieve with your breast augmentation. She will share options that will help get the outcome you’re looking for and recommend a course of treatment to meet your goals. Dr. Guarda will answer all your questions in a pressure-free environment; so, you may want to write down your questions and bring them with you to the appointment. Be prepared to discuss your:

Is the procedure safe?

As with any surgery, there are risks. However, there are steps you can take to help assure your safety:

Dr. Guarda will discuss the risks and answer any questions you have. Some risks might include bleeding, infection or poor healing of incisions, or changes in nipple / breast sensation. Capsular contracture (a condition that causes the naturally-forming scar tissue around a breast implant to contract), implant leakage or rupture, or wrinkling of the skin over the implant are possible risks that may require a second surgery.

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How much does a breast augmentation surgery cost?

The cost of breast enhancement surgery varies based on your unique needs. After your initial consultation, the staff at Plastic Surgery Specialists of Virginia will discuss the fees associated with your individual procedure and share financing options available to you.

Call (757) 483-6550 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Guarda and learn how she can help you look in the mirror and see a more confident you.

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Dr. Guarda is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons:

Learn more about Breast Augmentation
from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons


Progress and healing

Initial healing may include swelling and discomfort at the incision sites and in breast tissue overall. Discomfort is common and can be controlled with medication.

You may need to wear a support bra 24-hours a day for the 1 – 2 weeks. You will need to clean your incision sites and apply ointment, as directed, and follow all instructions carefully. A day or two after surgery, you can return to light, normal activity as soon as you feel ready. 

Your wound will take 5 – 10 days for initial healing; then Dr. Guarda will remove your sutures.  You can return to work and normal activity at this time, if you are comfortable — but, no heavy lifting or vigorous exercise.

In 4 – 6 weeks, intimate contact with breasts may resume, once your healing is more fully complete. You will immediately see results of your breast augmentation. Your final results appear gradually, as swelling goes down and breast size and shape settle.

The incision lines will lighten, or fade, over the next year but are permanent, which is why Dr. Guarda places them inconspicuously.


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